Data Science & AI

We take charge of all of the data produced since the start of the activity in order to mobilize it in the service of solving concrete business issues: pricing, budgetsizing, activity and revenue prediction. At OILIFINA, we realized that data was still untapped potential for our customers’ business, and therefore decided to take the plunge.

OILIFINA specializes in advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We provide data analytics and AI services and solutions to businesses. We help our clients in their data and AI transformation strategy, and design and deploy advanced analytics solutions in customer management, human resources management and operations optimization. We develop tailor-made solutions to complex problems in agile mode and analyze and value big data for strategic decisions and develop competitive advantages.

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Data strategy

While Data Management initially responded to market data reliability needs for investment and asset management companies, it appears that these uses go well beyond this framework. No sector of activity is no exception to this phenomenon.

Data transformation

The volume of data continues to grow, giving you more and more opportunities to refine your choices and improve your business results. Data transformation harness the knowledge of your business, your customers and your competitors to make it more accessible to all of your staff.

Predictive marketing

As the volume of data grows exponentially, data is becoming the new black gold and occupying an increasingly critical place in the effectiveness of sales and marketing actions. We accompany you in order to model and anticipate customer behavior based on present and past behavior.


Harnessing the flood of data available from customer interactions allows companies to price appropriately. Our clients that harness data in pricing decisions hold competitive advantage, have greater control over price positioning, enhance profitability and successfully align pricing with their business objectives.

Why clients choose us


Totally flexible and expert team who propose premium accompaniment in order to offer a personalized solution.




With OILIFINA you’ll get your own expert, 100% focus on your project in order to have your solution applied.



Result driven

Performing a high quality mission is one thing but what differentiate us is our results which lighten our values. 



OILIFINA project distribution

Range of markets

Building Chatbots

Pivotal role for businesses to handle a barrage of customer queries and messages without any slowdown.

Revenue increase

The right set of data can help any business accomplish business goals, gain more customers and increase their revenue.

Risk controls

For forward-thinking organizations, data management offers analytical tools that help assess and track risk factors.

User experience

Data can help the user experiences not only more fluide but functional and trigger a clear response from the user.

Let's value your data !