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A good strategy brings power !
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What we do


Whether navigating complex structural designs, integrating innovative technologies, or strategizing for future growth, we assist you to evolve your engineering projects into innovative solutions that fulfill your creative aspirations and drive substantial value and efficiency.

Product Lifecycle

Thanks to our strong expertise and our methodical consulting, we’ll identify your deficits, classify them according to your business objectives, and create a neutral digitalization roadmap for you that corresponds to your needs, your business model, and your existing infrastructure.

Data Management

We use machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop data-driven products and solutions.  We develop predictive analytics that builds solutions to help you anticipate customer behavior and business outcomes and steer your organization in the right direction.

About us

We believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today. But above all, we believe that a good strategy brings power !

Within OILIFINA Consulting, our advisory approach is completely client-centric which is divided by 4 main steps:

Establish Winning Partnerships
Sales is actually the first step and all we concerne is to define the business objectives at hand and how we will partner together with you to achieve those objectives. We do our best to establish trust and a peer-to-peer relationship.

Success in this part of the cycle is all about taking an independent point of view on your organization, which is the only way to be a true instrument of change.

Solution Design & Delivery
Once we understand the root causes of the challenges, we’ll move to Solution Design and Delivery. This step is all about creating processes, tools, coalitions, etc. to solve organizational issues. This is the bread and butter of what we do as a consultancy firm, the vehicle by which we facilitate changes.

Measure Results
The real added-value in our work is to measure the results of the intervention. Our main goal is to to leave companies in a place to continually improve and help them create a culture of improvement. Therefore, we set up a system to measure the results.


Honesty – Trust – Commitment
  • HONESTY, loyalty and integrity, an unbeatable circle that helps us to create a close and guaranteed relationship both internally and with our clients.
  • TRUST, our key to success which empowers our teams who are creating value side by side of our clients. The only way to have decisions made as close as possible to the point where they will be put into practice. 
  • COMMITTMENT which comes out from our entrepreneurial DNA and shows our desire to take considered risks and engagements.

Our Expertise

More than 35 Years
of cumulated Experience in Consulting

60+ projects
120+ engineers / consultants
6 technical and academic organization partners



complementary know-how by partners from elite universities and corporates


adding value spirit from individuals who think and act out of the box


human scale firm able to provide tailor-made mentoring


end to end, concrete and applicable solutions

Strategic Development

Leadership identifies and removes roadblocks to creating value in the organization. The more uncertain your environment, the greater the opportunity—if you have the leadership skills to capitalize on it. 

strategic thinking and planning consists of three phases that identify and clarify:

  1. where we are now
  2. where we want to be
  3. how we will get there.

What are the roadblocks to value creation in an organization? There are three success factors :

  • Directly impact the ability of your organization to achieve its mission
  • May be internal or external factors and forces
  • May be found at any level in the organization

A new strategy doesn’t start with the implementation. Instead, strategy implementation follows three other stages in the process of strategic management.

  • mission
  • vision
  • values and objectives.

First, a business identifies potential areas of improvement. Next, a strategy is formulated to best address changes. Strategic implementation follows after. Afterwards, leaders continuously evaluate the implemented approaches.